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Welcome to the Official Website of the Southern Region Women's Football League.


The Southern Region Women’s Football League, “the League”, is in the FA Women’s Pyramid of Football at Winter Step 3 and 4. as one of the 8 (eight) Regional Leagues in the Country residing below the FA Women's Premier Leagues operating at Winter Steps 1 and 2.


The League is sanctioned by The Football Association and a Member of the Women’s Football Conference. The main area designated for the League at present is the combined region of areas covered by the Berks & Bucks County FA, Hampshire County FA and the Oxfordshire County FA.


The League has a promotion link with the FA Women's Premier League above (and Clubs from their Division One(s) can be relegated into the League).


Promotion and relegation links with the County Leagues at Step 5 of the Winter Women's Pyramid of Football are discussed annually by a Joint Liaison Committee consisting of 2 representatives each from Southern Region, Thames Valley County Women's League and Hampshire County Women's League.  Clubs wishing to take promotion from County Leagues use the Promotion Pool.


At the end of each Season, the Champions of the League will be nominated for promotion into the FA Women’s Premier League - Division One South-West and the League will receive the relegated Club(s) (both, if the Joint Liaison Committee decide as appropriate due to the geographical positions of these relegated Clubs) from the same. The adjustments to the constitution of the League may be required from time to time, which will be made by the Joint Liaison Committees, to accommodate the possible geographical locations of these relegated Clubs. Therefore, Member Clubs near the boundaries of the League may be required to move to another Regional League at the end of the season.

In addition to the Divisional Championship fixtures, and subject to there being no fixtures back-log, the League offers two Knock-Out Cup Competitions – namely the League Cup and the Chairman’s Cup. The League Cup is open to all Member Clubs and the Member Clubs knocked out from the Preliminary Round and the First Round of the League Cup Competitions will be entered into the Chairman’s Cup Competition. 

The League previously had a structure of a Premier Division and two sub-regional divisions at one tier beneath the Premier Division – namely Northern and Southern Divisions. However, from Season 2003/2004, this desired structure became unsustainable due to withdrawal of Clubs from the League – either because of the loss of players to other newly formed Clubs in the same area or to join the new up and coming County Leagues – and sadly the League had to revert back to in-line Divisions.

The League maintained this structure until the end of Season 2010/11, but in Season 2011/12 returned to 3 divisions; A Premier Division of 12 (twelve) Teams and 2 geographically aligned First Divisions split North and South.  Sadly, the League saw 5 withdrawals during the summer of 2012, and since then the League has returned to one First Division only which is known as First Division North.

For season 2015/16 there are 19 member teams in total, with 9 teams in the Premier Division, and 10 teams in the First Division North.